Charles & Debbie Jordan

Richard Fobes writes:

Is this ever going to be a spectacle!  The original roadkill on the information superhighway (me) will now attempt to email pictures to all of you at once.  Please notice that at no time do my hands leave my arms!  Marjorie (Lukens) VanBuren asked me to include any comments I might like. Right. As if I had suddenly become able to do anything without comment.  You can do anything with these pictures you want.  You can print them out or save them to a disk, or when your sides have stopped aching from the laughter, you can delete them.  Depending on your mail server and software the picture will just be there or it will be hidden in a little paper clip that you will need to double click.  When you see the picture, just right click on it and tell the nice machine what you wish to do, unless, of course, I screw up really bad on this end and then all bets are off.  I will be sending the pictures one every day or so and hopefully that way I will not run anybody's mail box over.  One more thing.  If you have any comments or criticisms about my color or composition or any artistic angle of the pictures, just jot them on the back of a used lottery ticket and send them to my branch office in Moose Jaw, Canada.

The first picture, fittingly enough, is Charlie Jordan and his wife Debbie.  This was Charlie's first reunion as a married man (or a single one for that matter) and we who know him all agree that marriage agrees with him a lot.  When you get to know Debbie, you understand why.

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