On Saturday and Sunday, May 27 and 28, 2000, we had a reunion, celebrating the fortieth anniversary of our graduation.  Richard Fobes has been kind enough to share with his classmates a large number of the pictures which he took at that event.  He also shared detailed commentaries in the e-mail messages that accompanied those pictures.  Although many received those messages and pictures, it's easy for that stuff to get lost--or deleted--on our hard drives.  (My 20GB hard drive has a high propensity to crash.)  Therefore, it seemed like a good idea to put all of these wonderful memories together on a class website.  

Maurice Dunigan also shared a number of pictures on another website.  If you have difficulty remembering the name of that site, the guest name, and the password,  I've loaded all those pictures on this site at "Maurice Dunigan's Pictures." 

Another page contains pictures submitted by Veann Liby.  She sent me a huge collection for scanning, but I tried to be selective and pick out the best ones.

I am hoping that this sharing does not stop here, that we can add to it over the years instead of waiting until 2005 to see each other again.  So, if you have pictures or commentary you would like to add to the site, just send them on to me, John R. Harrison, at, and I'll get them published.  I absolutely believe this to be an INTERACTIVE website.  That is, I want it to serve the purposes of the classmates of BHS Class of '60.  That means that all of you determine what goes on the site, what should come off the site, and even how the site is structured.  Just let me know what you want, and I'll see what I can do.

The following is a directory of the files on the site and a directory of e-mail addresses so we can stay in touch.  If you know of e-mail addresses to add, let me know.

Site Directory

Charles & Debbie Jordan
Dwain Myers, Lynda (McDonald) Myers
Gary Scoggan
Jane (Thierolf) Wallace, Don Wallace
Gerald Zimmer, Larry Watts, Kay (Noll) Watts
Janet (Crannell) Bowersox, Lynn Bowersox
Janet (Widrig) DuBois, Ken Dubois
John Harrison
Karen (Smyth) Studer Siskosky & Dick Siskosky
Lee & Peggy Doyen
Maurice Dunigan, Dwain Myers, Jim Reardon
Max & Betty McGaughey
Rod & Katie Tilton
Veann (Preeo) Liby
Virginia (Gray) McIntire
Marieta (Scoggan), Mike Myers
3 snapping pics, 1 confused
Lynn & Carol Yocum

E-Mail Directory

Doyen, Lee & Peggy
DuBois, Janet (Widrig)
Dunigan, Maurice
Fobes, Richard
Fobes, Virginia
Harrison, John
Liby, Veann (Preeo)
McGaughey, Max & Betty
McIntire, Virginia (Gray)
Miller, Don
Reardon, Jim
Scoggan, Gary
Siskosky, Karen (Smyth)
VanBuren, Marjorie (Lukens)
Wallace, Jane (Thierolf)
Watts, Larry & Kay (Noll) lwatts@
Yocum, Lynn & Carol
Zimmer, Gerald