Maurice Dunigan, Dwain Myers, Jim Reardon

Richard Fobes writes:

I want to apologize for dropping the ball for a while here.  I did not intend to drag this out all summer.  Here is a shot of Maurice Dunigan, Dwain Myers and Jim Reardon.  I guess of all our classmates, I envy Maurice his career the most.  He spent 30 years at the CIA.  I had a taste of that type of work when I was in the Army and thought it was fascinating but not as fascinating as coming home to Kansas.  What a dope I was!  His yellow Buick convertible was neat too!  Having commented on Dwain already, I will move on to Jim Reardon.  This guy is Jack of all trades and master of all of them.  He is an attorney, has owned a nightclub, booked music acts, been a lobbyist, owned other businesses, all successful, and served 14 years on the Topeka city council.  He is starting a new business even as we speak.  He also has the distinction having drawn the ire of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church.  I was looking at a very crude and insulting caricature of Jim (in drag, no less) on Fred's website and it reminded me of a piece of artwork that Jim did that concerned me.  Does anybody remember it?  It was a drawing of a mountain man type complete with beard and flies buzzing around.  The caption was:  "Dick Fobes, mule skinner, says: 'If you want to be a man, you got to smell like one!'"  I guess what goes around comes around.....;~)

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