The Academy for Spiritual Formation #17

San Antonio, Texas

September 2001-August 2003


held at the Oblate Renewal Center, a retreat center sponsored and directed by Oblate School of Theology

5700 Blanco Road
San Antonio


The Academy for Spiritual Formation is sponsored by Upper Room Ministries.  However, this website is an unofficial expression of the interests of the participants in Academy #17.  Moreover,  the manager of this site is John R. Harrison (, a participant in that academy, and he takes full responsibility for all of this website's shortcomings.  He welcomes all comments and contributions.       



Front door to the Oblate Renewal Center


   Building 5, one of six residence halls at the center


Rear view of one of the residence halls




Inside the chapel, facing the chancel


Dining Room


Grotto Chapel


Stations of the Cross



to be continued....