Gerald Zimmer, Larry Watts, Kay (Noll) Watts

Richard Fobes writes:

Boy, where did this weekend go?  Or last week, for that matter.  Do any of you remember when we were younger and an older person would tell us that time goes faster and faster as you get older and we thought, "Yeah, right!"  I had never understood why it seems to be that way until a psychologist explained it to me like this:  To a person ten years old, a year is 10% of their entire life and therefore seems like an eternity while to a person fifty years old a year is just 2% of their life and does not seem like much time at all.  Makes sense to me.

Speaking of the passage of time, here are a couple of you that time has been really kind to.  (Yes, I do know that a preposition is not the thing to end a sentence with.)  Anyway, this is Gerald Zimmer, Larry Watts and Kay (Noll) Watts.  Larry and Kay are part of the Class of 60's large Topeka contingent.  (I do not know if that has anything to do with Menninger's losing money, or not.)  Gerald and I have had a long and satisfying business relationship and friendship.  It was great to see all of you.


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