Janet (Widrig) DuBois, Ken DuBois

Richard Fobes writes:

This is Janet (Widrig) Dubois and her husband Ken.  I had the pleasure of being a college classmate with Janet as well.  The big difference between us (other than gender) is that she graduated and I did not.   The college keeps on sending me stuff as if I were an alumnus.  I keep telling them, "Hey, I never graduated."  They keep sending stuff anyway.  Moral of the story:  Even if you were not smart enough to graduate, the college would like to have your money.

I will never forget a few reunions ago (in the Elks basement) some of us were hungry afterward and went out to eat at the only resturant that was open in Beloit at that hour.  I would not use the phrase "seedy little dump" but all the drunks were coming in after the beer joints closed.  We got our food eaten and made it out in one piece but it was dicey there for a while.  Moral of the story:  If a resturant has a bowling machine and someone makes a strike on it with their head, you are eating with a tough crowd!


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