Lynn & Carol Yocum

Richard Fobes writes:

This is a picture of Lynn Yocum and his lovely wife Carol.  Even though they were not able to make the reunion, they sent us a snapshot and Virginia scanned it in for me.  I know I promised this a while back but I could not decide which story to tell along with the picture, there are so many.  I think I will ask if anyone recalls Lynn's El Camino.  Most people erroneously believe that Chevy introduced the El Camino in 1959.  Less well known is that prototypes were made as early as 1941.  They were made by removing the trunk lid from a coupe and building a wooden box in the opening.  There is anecdotal evidence of sedans being used also but since that was well before the advent of the crew-cab pickup, I tend to doubt it.  When I used to tell my boys about some of the "poor boy" transportation we used to have, (Mine was a 1950 Dodge 4 door with fluid drive.  No way to spin the tires on pavement and not cool even in a parallel universe!) they would roll their eyes and say, "Dad, is this going to be another one of those stories about having to get to school by walking 10 miles barefoot in the snow and uphill both directions?"   Times do change!

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