United Methodist Men

May 20, 2008

Chairman Larry Gould called the meeting to order, welcomed members, and asked Pastor John to present the opening prayer. Following the prayer we lined up for our favorite breakfast prepared by Paul Hutsler and Larry. Sheriff Ray Tipton was our speaker of the month. With openness and emotion, he traced his prescription drug dependency of two years ago. He told of the investigation by the state and how he took full responsibility for his actions. He also stated that he had greater compassion and understanding as a result of this difficult experience. Sheriff Tipton also mentioned the murder investigation he was conducting of the incident at Pittsburg State Park last weekend. Following the speaker, we listened to a devotional by Lyle McMaster, read and approved last month’s minutes prepared by Ed Hodge, and approved the treasurer’s report by Tom Brooks. According to Tom, we had $1,237, which we were soon to begin spending. Under old business, Larry reported that we made $420 at our April breakfast fundraiser. We voted to suspend donations to the Mary Shaw Butler Shelter since they were not cashing our checks. The Arm and Hammer members of our group helped moved Bob Lawrence earlier this month. It was noted that the purchase of carnations for the women attending church on Mother’s Day was successful, and it should be continued next year. New business included the passage of a new policy to purchase name badges not only for people new to the church, but also for anyone who may have lost his/hers and would like a new one. We voted to purchase two new Christian flags for the church. Finally, we approved the purchase of a weather radio for the parsonage. The new pastor may need all the warning we can give him. June 15 will be UMM Sunday, and men of our organization are being asked to be seated in the choir loft to make up an all-male choir to sing the hymn “Precious Lord, Take My Hand.” We had our one and only practice until 10:00 A. M. that Sunday morning. Jerry Charles and Paul Hutsler will be the cooks for our June meeting. Larry, Tom, and Dick rose volunteered to unload the truck at Outreach and Larry was also able to get many volunteers to clean the kitchen. Paul delivered the closing prayer, and we adjourned.